[Interview] Jaejoong in OhMyNews. “I wish that instead of being satisfied I will keep being anxious. I like the tension.”

From TVXQ to Rookie Actor Kim Jaejoong. “Acting is Difficult.”

Doctor (Kim Jaejoong) in Sunao Ni Narenakute of Japan’s Fuji TV. He is a salesman of a medical equipment company and he confesses his heart to Haru (Ueno Juri) with whom he fell in love at first sight. Doctor, who holds Haru in his arms to confess shyly “Joahe” (T/N: Korean for “I like you”) was enough to make the female heart tremble.

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong who has already debuted in Japan as an actor is undergoing an initiation ceremony as an actor through a Korean drama. He is taking the role of Cha Muwon in the new SBS Wed-Thurs drama that will be aired in coming August, Protect the Boss. Cha Muwon is Ji Sung’s younger cousin.

I met Kim Jaejoong who is being reborn as an actor in the office of OhMyNews located in Seoul, Mapo Gu, Sangam Dong, on the afternoon of the 12th. Kim Jaejoong who was the youngest person on the shooting set was a fresh-faced newbie actor who seemed to have forgotten that it has been 8 years since his debut. I talked with him, who was saying that “It is my regular trade after all—singing is easier than acting.”

Q: You did appear in Heaven’s Postman in 2009 but it seems that after Sunao Ni Narenakute there were many fans who were awaiting “acting Kim Jaejoong.” Why was your debut in the domestic acting scene so late?

“I did try to challenge myself (at acting) a bit earlier. But because of activities as JYJ which was my center and due to circumstances around me, I was unfortunately not able to hasten the time. I came to come visit you (as an actor) only now. If I had done a drama in Korea immediately after Sunao Ni Narenakute I don’t think that the anxiety would have been to this degree. It’s been more than a year and the feelings with regards to acting and everything else feels too new. I am trembling as if I am beginning all over again.”

Q: Did you become close with the actors who will appear together with you in Protect the Boss?

“I am the youngest on the set. Also I am a rookie actor. All of them make me so comfortable. I do not look very fresh-faced on the outside (laughter. He is born in 1986 and is 26 this year) but I am very fresh-faced in spirit.”

Q: Before the first filming, did you watch a lot of dramas and movies?

“I have watched many movies recently. I saw Dung Fly, Suspicious Customers, My Lover Who Seems a Gang. I like sci-fi movies also and I find fun movies that deal with stories that may happen in real life. It seems that they were really people living in that situation so I felt that they were amazing.”

Q: I heard that you got acting instructions from the actor Ahn Naesang. Did he give you much advice?

“I came to know him through the Director-nim (Sohn Junghyun PD of Protect the Boss) and received acting instructions about 3 times. He said that “even though lines are spoken through memorization, acting must be done as if real life” but that is quite difficult.”

“I wish that instead of being satisfied I will keep being anxious. I like the tension.”

Q: Which is eaiser, acting or singing?

(Laughter) “Of course it is singing. Singing is my regular trade. Acting is much more difficult.”

Q: Is the method of production of Japanese dramas very different from that of Korean dramas?

“The systems of production are slightly different. I have only had one filming with Protect the Boss and so I am not sure yet. I am filming a drama in Korea for the first time after all. Would it also not vary even more according to the styles of the PD?”

Q: Park Yoochun, a member, is also appearing in the MBC Monday-Tuesday drama Miss Ripley. As a sunbae in acting, what kind of advice did he give?”

“He said that ‘you are going to suffer from now on.’” (laughter) He said that once filming begins I will be tired for a while. As this is really the beginning now, I need to maintain my health very well.”

Q: In the drama, the title of Cha Muwon is “Director of the Headquarters.” Miss Ripley’s Park Yoochun’s title is also the Director of the Headquarters. How is Cha Muwon of Protect the Boss different from Song Yoohyun of Miss Ripley?

“Before we compare the characters, the genres of the two dramas are different. Yoochun’s drama is a serious, traditional piece. We are a romantic comedy. Since the atmosphere of the dramas are so different I hope that the viewers will not regard the two characters to be the same just because the titles of the Director of the Headquarters are the same.”

Q: Then what are the points of similarity with Cha Muwon, the Prince of the Financial World, and Kim Jaejoong, the human being?

“I think the variety in personality is probably similar. Even though I say that, I am not saying that I have multiple personality disorder. (laughter) My actions and my expressions are all different according to whether I am with the members, when I am with the fans, and when I am in front of those that I’ve never seen before. I think the definiteness of the change is perhaps the common trait
(of Cha Muwon and Kim Jaejoong).”

Q: The title of the drama is Protect the Boss. What is the thing that you wish to protect for sure in your life?

“Ah. There are so many. With what shall I begin. First, the relationship with the members, I want to protect as long as I live. I also want to protect the fans. Also I wish that the projects at which I must challenge myself and the hope that stem from in between them will not disappear. I wish that instead of being satisfied, I will keep being anxious. I like the tension. I felt this while I was acting as the executive director of the Asian Regions of the JYJ World Wide Concert and (the rhythmic gymnast) Sohn Yeonjae’s gala show. It is easier in a variety of ways to just appear in works instead of creating them myself, but I want to keep challenging myself without end.”

Broadcast is the means by which entertainers can appeal their existence the most.

Q: The topics that come in conflict continually not merely in dramas but also in life is “love and success.” To Mr. Jaejoong, which comes first?

“Love and success… would they not be proportioned according to age? One could say that “you have succeeded” but in truth there is no end to success. There is no such thing as satisfaction. I do not even hope for the peak. At the very least, before I marry I want to do as many things as I possibly can.”

Q: Weren’t you someone who was on the side of wanting to marry early?

“Even this year I am thinking that I want to marry early. Because my parents are of age, I feel that to marry early is to refrain from being undutiful/thankless. However my sisters say that “your life is important.” Well, does marriage happen merely because you wish it.”

Q: Do you have any plans to sing for yourself the OST?

“As of now I do not know. I think they are in the process but the song does not seem to have been produced. It should be a problem to decide after the song is produced.”

Q: At the time of the first airing of Miss Ripley there was a lot of talk with regards to appearing in variety programs. If opportunity allows, do you have plans to appear on variety programs as promotions for Protect the Boss?

“Our intentions do not come first. (At the reporter who asked “did you not show us a variety of activities despite the limits on TV appearances) Broadcast is the means by which entertainers can appeal their existence the most. But we are fighting having discarded the most important weapon.”

Kim Jaejoong who is taking the first steps from TVXQ to JYJ and again as a “rookie actor.” When I asked him if he has desires/hopes of the “Best New Actor Award,” he answered: “Geez, I don’t even think about it.” Continuing, he renewed his determination: “Since I have begun, I will do my best.”

I become curious as to his future path, as much as (I learned of) his powerful aspirations.

Source: ohmynews
Translation Credit: JYJ3