[INT] After School’s Japanese Premium Party Interview

All the members have a height of 167 cm + just as models, exceptional styles to be boastful of, and show amazing dance performances. After School, on July 17th, held their 『AFTERSCHOOLJAPANPREMIUMPARTY-Bang!Bang!Bang!-』 at AkasakaBLITZ. [...]

This spring, they collaborate with Namie Amuro for her album 『Checkmate! 』and recorded the music video and song ‘make it happen’. The pv attracted attention (?). Before their debut, the event they held attracted many fans.

The event opening just quite recently, “Shampoo”and “Because of You”was very successful. (?) Japanese fans and Korean fans are alike as they both cheered loudly and encouraged, After School responded with a hot performances at their first event with an unforgettable stage.

With greetings from leader Kahi announced 「After School on August 17th from avex will debut with 『Bang!』」Fans applauded loudly and congratulated them.

Q. Japanese debut has been decided, what do you think about this event?

Juyeon: We, After School, remember the time of our Korean debut. We were really nervous but, we saw a lot of our Japanese fans, and felt everyones love, it made us really happy. Today, everyone at the venue left our members with happy memories.

Q. Japanese staff though of the catch phrase “3 S (SUPER SEXY, SUPER STYLE, SUPER SHOW)” what do you think of it?

U-ie: Generally speaking this is amazing praise to receive. Thank you very much! Today at the venue, let’s have fun during the live. All of the females fans really have great, cute style, even the fans should be called “3 S”.

Q. How did you think of Japanese『Bang!』jacket photoshoot?

E-Young: When I was still a trainee and I saw After School perform 『Bang!』I thought they looked really cool and I wanted to perform it too but thanks to the fact that we’re debuting with 『Bang!』in Japan I am able to wear the clothing for 『Bang!』for the photoshoot – I am really happy about that. During the photoshoot, all the unnies taught me a lot of poses, it was really fun!

Q. How did you think of 『Bang!』Japanese edition shooting?

Jung Ah: On the day of the Japanese shooting for 『Bang!』PV, the Japanese staff came to Korea. It was raining very heavily actually the first time we had the recording for the Korean『Bang!』music video, it was snowing very heavily. This must be sign that Japan will love 『Bang!』.

ないかと思っています (?)

Q. The Japanese version of 『Bang!』has been re-arranged for the Japan debut. How do you this of this?

Raina: We tried our best to study Japanese and it was our intention but in reality it was really hard to sing the song, there’s still a long way to go, great effort is needed is what I think. But the recording was very fun. However the director and staff had to go through great difficulties and check our Japanese, thank you very much. The Japanese version is as likeable as the Korean version, they are both very fun to sing.

Q. Before the Japanese debut, we saw the collaboration with Namie Amuro, how do you think of that?

Nana: It was such a great, great honour! When I was younger, I’ve always admired Amuro – san and the moment we filmed the PV and I met her, I was really, really, really happy! Again, on the filming set we were on a high set with our legs crossed, we wore a safety belt to get onto it. It was scary; during the rehearsal I wasn’t able to look at the members’ faces but during the production concentration on dancing wasn’t needed, so watching the staff was the most suspenseful (?).

Q. What are the goals of having in activities in Japan?

Kahi: Today, at the venue everyone came, after this I hope for fans to keep on supporting us. I hope to have a large venue with fans and everyone and perform live. (?) Next month, we will appear at a-nation, anyhow we will try to show everyone a wonderful performance. We’ll do our best.

Q. In Japan, if you have a day off, where would you like to go?

Lizzy: I love Kitty-chan, I want to go to Sanrio shop! Also, I saw documentary program about a Dolphin Show, I wanna go see that!

Q. How long did you practice the drums for 『Bang!』?

Juyeon: All the members, everyone put our hearts as one, worked hard together for 8~9 months.

Q. The Japanese version of “You’re Beautiful”has been broadcasted. How do you think of it?

U-ie: You’re Beautiful, the Japanese remake makes me feel happy. I want to act with AKB48’s Haruna Kojima – san. She is very lovely. When I watch her, I find that my heart beats very fast. Without fail, I’d like to meet you.

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