[INFO] T-ara Japanese Magazines PACKED Schedule

2011/06/28 - "Woman's Weekly magazine"
2011/07/08 - "Rolling Stone"

2011/07/12- 「女性自身」掲載
(I'm not sure)

2011/07/13- "TV Guide", "TV Guide Weekly", "
Woman's Weekly magazine"

2011/07/14 - "K-POPgirls

2011/07/20 - "Music UP's" , "Cool Love Asian Magazine", "TV pia

2011/07/24- "SKY" Monthly

2011/07/25- "KNTV Guide"

2011/07/27- "Asian Place"
2011/07/29 - "KOOL", 'Mac People'

2011/07/30 - "EUR"

2011/08/01 "Rob Berry"

2011/08/16 - "KEJ KEJ NEWS" Monthly

2011/08/18 - "K - PRESS"

2011/08/26 "Definitive! Korean Hallyu with TV Guide, October Drama"

Credit : http://www.t-ara-official.com + candy_floss@diadem
Other info:
Eunjung and Soyeon are MCing on M!Countdown this week and T-ara has the Traffic/Campaign Song on Inkigayo tomorrow's episode (13th).

- T-ara's official Japanese merchandise shop opened up: http://www.t-ara-shop.com/

- T-ara are filming more for their iRiver, Shin Ramen (Japanese) and Heva Clonia this month. They also have a new CF deal with JDX which is a prestigious golf-wear brand but won't begin shooting for it until the end of July.

Source: T-amo / T-ara Official/ JDX
Many thanks to TiaraDiademForum for the informations above!