[Cyworld] Lee Joon's diary, "I AM ME."

Hi everyone. I am Lee Joon.. I have some things to say..
First of all, fans are more worried for us than anyone else.
But I don't think it's good if they are overly worried.
The stylists, to style us to be more cool, don't get sleep because of their worrying.
Hairstylists and make up artists are the same.
For the very hardworking staff, that kind of abuse is really troublesome.
First is the issue of muscle building.
Exercise is my interest, it's something I like to do.
No one has the right to make me train my muscles.
It's me who wanted to train like this. Tanning is also something I like.
So is my hairstyle.
Of course I also think that the fans' opinions are very precious,
but other than suggesting, please don't abuse and bring harm to others.
Even though everyone wants to see our cool appearances,
but I think continuing to like the original appearance of us is also not bad. I am me.

ource: Lee Joon's Cyworld
Translated/Reuploaded: crispee@mblaqattack.com
Screencapped: randomvance@mblaqattack.com