[CHART] UEE placed at no.1 for "Idol Stars who provide discipline to their groups" #1

UEE was placed 1st by "Pops in seoul" "Best 5" chart show.The show even qoutes kahi from strong heart awhile back when she talked about UEE instilling discipline in mankenes which basically "orange caramel" back then for stuff like who goes into the cart 1st who bathes 1st and stuff. For does who do not know its a program that ranks top 5 idols of just about every random topic there is from "the most alien like idol" to "the most popular member of idol groups". the show is uploaded onto "ArirangTV Entertainment" youtube channel for international fans to enjoy. It is hosted by NS Yoon Ji in english so no translation need(at least for those proficient in english)

Here's the video enjoy =)

Source: ArirangTV Entertainment
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PS for those who dun noe yet UEE comes from a sports school so she's very particular on senior-junior discipline guess her sch's culture was very particular abt that =)