[CAFE] MIR's fancafe message

Title : Hello!!! I’m MIR!!

Hello everyone ~ I’m Mir ~ yoohoo ~ !!!

It’s the rainy season now, so do you all take an umbrella well ~ ?

The weather is much colder,,

I always worry about your warmly dressed ~ uhhuhhuh,,,

We always wrap up warmly , so please don’t be anxious for us ~ !!

There is nothing to be cold these days ~ because of concentrating on practicing, the heat is,,, kyahaha!!!

Mona Lisa,,,uhm,,,,I read your comments which the feeling is good with just a fine sense,

but we are always talking about the same,,keke

Something,,the feeling is so nice and lots of fun ~ !!!

The music video seems to come out very well,,pictures,,and songs,,,are good,,good ~ +_+!!!

Are you wondering ~ !!??? I’m always listening with endless repeating,

so I’m happy without reason though I don’t come back yet.

When I come back, I may have a pee on the stage,,-_-kekekeke

I’m happy that this album will be released early as we promised before,,

Everything is going smoothly in this album, so you can expect very much ~ keke

Today, I just want to talk about something like this and that ~

When we are monitoring, we read our problems which you point out,,

Just,,,on the one hand, I feel pleasure and pride,,+_+

For our going well, fans get angry, join forces, and encourage each other with the advice on feeling anything wrong.

Anyway, whenever I see your opinions which all are for our MBLAQ,

I think sometimes how I can get this treatment,,,I’m deeply touched by it,,,uhhuhuhuhu

I heard that fans are displeased nowadays ~

Even though you are upset and lose your energy naturally,

we appreciate your comments with respecting our feelings ~ +_+

I think that we all together will grow a lot more with much anger and much smile.

I’m immature,,:’(:’( Just,,,we think it’s so happy to become such an existence,

as fans make us feel much better when we are tired, angry and exhausted.

It is good to depend on each other whenever we are having a hard time.

Therefore, when you have a trouble or lose your energy, it is all right that you complain and whine to us ~ +_+

We are good boys a bit,,,huhuhu,,

Do you understand ~ +_+!!?? There are really a few days remaining ~ !!!

I’ll make an appearance after more growing and more cool even for a day with my best efforts ~ !!

Please be careful not to catch a cold!!!I hope your healthy ~ +_+!!!

P.S. Recently, I’m going crazy that Cheondung hyung looks at me endlessly as a younger brother after he has bigger body,,-_-

I try to workout also,,-_-