[Videos] What's up on Music Core today? Performances from BEAST, FT Island, Sistar 19, B1A4, 5Dolls and more!

Up on today's Music Core not only do we have Secret and Sunny Hill making their comeback, we also have an exciting line up of artists promoting their songs against a scenery suited for their songs. If you have not checked out today's line up on Music Core, do check it out!

Meanwhile, here are some of the performances stages!

Today's Music Core episode continues to feature Minho, Suzy, Jiyeon and Onew as their MC. Here's an emcee-ing cut!

N-Train continues to promote their sweet debut song:

Turtles rocks the stage with their catchy song, 'Hero':

5-member boy group B1A4 heats it up on a Sunny day at the pool with a slight touch of pink with 'OK':

Ali tells you "I Tried Everything"..

Don't Push Your Luck! Jewelry is here to raise the volume with 'Pass'!

New but sweet boy group Boyfriend promotes their debut single 'Boyfriend'l!

Project group Clover is back with Ice Trim on a hot and sunny day!

5Dolls captivates the audience with 'Like This Like That':

Young Saeng is a manly guy with 'Let It Go'!

Sistar duo Sistar19 has got your back, 'Ma Boy':

FT Island rocks the stage with their sentimental song 'Hello hello':

Jang Woo Hyuk tells you 'Time Is [L]over':

Baek Ji Young brings onto stage a different mood with 'As Usual':

BEAST earns screams from the crowd as they write 'Fiction'

If you haven't checked Secret's comeback, or Sunny Hill's comeback, do check them out now!

Picture Credits: Adela1991@Dkpopnews.net
Video Credits: UnknownCarrot270@Youtube