[Twitter ] Super Junior twitter updates 110602

Leeteuk: Thank You
Trans: ..Thank you..Thank you so much...Thank you so much for giving us this huge love. We'll work hard on the preparation for our 5th album so that we'll surprise you once again!!!
Trans: www.facebook.com/smtown or if you search smtown on facebook's search box, you can see pictures and videos from the concert in Paris, France!!^^ Ah! You have to click like! You can also use it with smart phones!!

Ryeowook: Idol Singer
Trans: The preparation for the 5th album is in progress^^ This time when everyone is sleeping,I receive the lyrics...practice...I repeated that process for 5 years..The work to make each song my own.. is separate from other processes that it is difficult.. Even though I've been an idol singer for just 5 years, I want my voice and music to do well.

Yesung: Animal Farm

Trans: My Kkoming has really gotten bigger... Because of you, this oppa only watches Animal Farm~~ You should get along with the turtle siblings ...

Heechul: Drunk

Trans: I'm drunk. The problem is that when I'm not drunk, I look like I'm drunk and when I'm drunk, I look like I'm not drunkㅋㅋ Even though it's not a good story, just once, I want call up a woman while I'm drunk. Even as I write this, I'm thinking about my level 10 Aion character. I'm like a byungttak*(>_<)/

*Byungttak is a slang and it means a moron or retard.

Translations by: Minnie from sujuism.blogspot.com
Compiled by shaynekay@dkpopnews.net