[Twitter] A lucky Kwanghee took a selca with LADY GAGA!

ZE:A Kwanghee posted his selca with lady gaga and ZE:A leader Junyoung. Kwanghee tweeted, 'WOW~!!!! 지금 프로모션차 홍콩에왔는데!!! 여기서 LADY GAGA 를 만났다!!!!! >L< 나랑준영이랑 사진 찍었다!!!!! 가슴이 너무 쿵쾅거렸다 ~!!!!! I'm Lucky Boy~!!'

which means,'WOW~!!!! Now we're doing promotion in Hongkong!! and we met LADY GAGA!!! Me and Jinyoung took a photo with her!! My heart beat so furiously~!!! I'M LUCKY BOY~!!'

Translation by dajeonglee @dkpopnews.net