[Twitter] Kyuhyun, another round of "The Three Muskleteers" Musical

Super Junior Kyuhyun tweeted photos from their Three Musketeers rehearsal together with the cast.

He tweeted,

@GaemGyu: 또 다시 시작된 삼총사. 언제까지나 우리는 하나 삼총사 화이팅!! 시작한다 시작해 ^^

TRANS by @pastakyu from sj-world.net

@GaemGyu: The Three Musketeers is starting yet again. We Are One till the end of time The Three Musketeers fighting!! It's starting It starts ^^

Let's cheer him for "The Three Musketeers" musical encore on July 22 to 31st.

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