[Twitter] Heechul, "We're a killer group, 5th album will break Bonamana record"

Heechul doesn't only teases ELF for their upcoming 5th album, which they are preparing now. He even expressed his gratitude for having their song "Bonamana" ranked 1st in Taiwan for over a year now (52 weeks).

Here's his tweet:

Translation by Minnie from sujuism.blogspot.com:
@Heedictator: They say 'Miinah' has been number 1 for over a year in Taiwan. Then a new song from our 5th album has to beat 'Miinah'...We become crazy with the preparation for our 5th album, but you guys will go nuts when the 5th album comes out. Because we are a killer group

Source: @Heedictator
posted by: shaynekay@dkpopnews.net