[Trans] Countryside-dols B1A4, "Armed with Friendliness"

Jinyoung, Shinwoo, Sandeul, Baro, Gongchan. It has only been 2 months since their debut. Soaring with their hot debut album Let's Fly as they scream 'O.K' excitedly, B1A4 has now started promotions with a serious ballad follow-up song 'Only Learnt The Bad Things'/

How did these good-looking young men known for being like manhwa character before debut come together? According to Baro who is in charge of rap, a friend saw his picture on Cyworld and contacted the current agency, hence him meeting the members. At his auditions, Baro sang Jo Sumi's If I Leave (나가거든) and Sung Sikyung's The Road to Me (내게 오는 길). He also performed a little rap and beatbox, truly showcasing a variety of talents.

Leader Jinyoung had always wanted to be in the entertainment industry, and a singer. A picture from Cyworld was reuploaded to an Internet cafe, where his current agency saw it and casted him. Jinyoung has auditioned for the role of Gonggil in movie 'The King and The Clown'. He is a child with prior acting experiences with minor roles in dramas.

Maknae Gongchan had his picture uploaded to Cyworld's 'Ulzzang Challenge' corner by a friend in his 3rd year of middle school. After his current agency saw it, he was offered an audition. Gongchan has the experience of going for a drag queen competition where he danced to Ivy's song.

Main vocal Sandeul, born in Busan, prepared to be a singer by going to many song festivals. His award achievements are very colorful. The agency recruited him after watching videos of him at the song festival, where he sang a ballad song originally by Kim Yeonwoo.

Shinwoo, in charge of vocals and rap, come from a family of musicians. There is a trot singer in his family, while one of his elder singers do pansori (genre of Korean traditional music). That explains why he had the natural thought of wanting to be a singer when he grows up. Hence, when he went on a Youth Song Festival and smiled on stage, he was scouted by a manager of the agency and hence entered through the backdoor to be part of B1A4.

All of B1A4 are from the countryside, hence their nickname 'countryside-dols'. Jinyoung and Shinwoo are from Chungbook Cheongju, Sandeul from Kyungnam Busan, Baro from Jeonnam Kwangju and Gongchan from Jeonnam Suncheon. During his school days, whenever there were talent shows or festivals, Jinyoung would be the 1st to participate. Since young, Jinyoung liked to stand in front of people and even though he may look like a playful person, he has a bright and amiable personality. He took up the position of class president, and was a student with much popularity.

Shinwoo has performed in a band at Hongdae ever since his school days, and is a child who always spent his days with music. Unlike his current soft image, Shinwoo liked rock and did tough music. Shinwoo said, "I didn't know what were smiles in my schooling days. They say I look nice when I smile, so I smile a lot now", causing an explosion of laughter around him.

When he was in his 3rd year of middle school, Sandeul and his friends participated in a singing battle somewhat similar to the current program 'I Am A Singer', and he rose to fame after attaining 1st place. He surprised everyone when they found out that he was a child that loves music. Sandeul, who travelled all over the country to Mokpo, Pohang, Busan, to take part in song festivals, said "My mother is part of a choir and she told me that when I sing, I shouldn't follow other people, and just sing by myself. I've kept those words deep in my heart."

Moodmaker Baro, as expected, has been outgoing since young. Within a week of transferring school, he became class president. He also has an active history in taking part in festivals, and joined the gag society in high school.

These children have lived and worked hard in their hometowns, and come together in Seoul to train for debut as singers for 2 years. There are many people who aspire to be singers, but it is not easy to debut. They spent 2 years without causing any trouble, or quarrelling amongst themselves. Sometimes, when they feel homesick, they think of the dreams of being a singer, and hug each other and get over it.

B1A4 said that their charm is friendliness that they do not hold back. They expressed their determination to be close (to the fans) like a next-door-oppa, or a friend at school.

Source: Newsen
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com