[News]Recorded TV broadcast like live broadcast with “Strong Heart” Eeteuk’s “Twitter real-time communication”

SBS variety program “Strong Heart” starts a new segment.

From 16th June onwards, during “Strong Heart“‘s recording time, netizens would have an entirely different means of communication in real-time, through “Strong Heart“‘s official twitter.

According to a representative, in the process of recording, netizens can leave questions at Strong Heart’s twitter and their honest responses would be made known in real-time. As such, although it is a recorded TV broadcast, just like live broadcast, the viewers’ feedback would be received.

This segment is carried out by “Teuk Academy“‘s Eeteuk, and he tweeted “This is Strong Heart’s Teuk Director. Strong Heart’s recording is just about to begin. Please come join us at the recording today”, signifying the opening of the new segment.

Strong Heart opens the new segment which allows real-time communication with viewers, please pay attention to see whether or not it would be able to gain response from the viewers.

Source: Newsen (http://durl.me/afy3z )
Translated by: twitter @sujutr4ns/ sujutr4ns.tumblr.com
Posted by: reneee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)