[News/Photo] Derek Hough kissing BoA

Behind the scene photo reveals Derek Hough kissing BoA for "COBU 3

Derek Hough? BoA? Kissing? International entertainment gossip website "Too FAB" released a photo from behind the set of "COBU 3D" on June 24th of "Dancing With The Star" Derek Hough kissing a "mystery woman." The gossip site writes, "Who is Derek Hough kissing? Mystery woman revealed!"

"The last woman we heard Derek Hough was dating was Cheryl Cole -- but that's not who he was kissing last night in Canada.

The 'Dancing with the Stars' pro was caught locking lips with 24-year-old Korean popstar BoA Kwon, AKA the Queen of K-Pop.

The story behind the photos makes them much less scandalous though -- as the two were actually photographed on the set of their new movie, 'Cobu 3D.' According to IMDB, the movie revolves around 'A pair of star-crossed dancers in New York find themselves at the center of a bitter rivalry between their brothers' underground dance clubs.'"

BoA plays Aya, while Derek plays Donny. The two grow up in different environment, but eventually meet at an underground New York club. Aya and Donny first begins to hate each other, but are then put into a Romeo and Juliet situation as both of their brothers own rival clubs.

BoA and Derek Hough are nearly done with the "COBU 3D" filming. BoA has been very active on her Twitter as she updates her fans with several behind the scene photos. TVXQ's Yunho U-know will also make a special cameo in the film.

Check out some of the photos from "COBU 3D" below.

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