[News]Leeteuk’s junior high photo + transcript revealed

Recently, Leeteuk’s junior high transcript was revealed on national television, proving to many fans that he possessed the qualities to be Super Junior’s leader from a very young age.

On June 7th’s episode of SBS’s talk show, “Good Morning!“, stories of Leeteuk’s school years were discussed on air.

During an interview with the program, Leeteuk’s junior high homeroom teacher stated that “In junior high school, Leeteuk was an elite, pretty boy student,” and that “He was smart and outstanding enough to be the head of the study department“.

Leeteuk’s health teacher in both junior high and high school added, “Leeteuk had a hard time during his long trainee years” and “He would have trouble thinking about his future.”

The show revealed Leeteuk’s transcript at this time, which showed viewers he received the Korean equivalent of 3 A’s and 2 B’s in eighth grade. ”Good Morning!” also unveiled Leeteuk’s yearbook pictures, and the star wrote down that he wanted to become a politician or a diplomat in junior high. In seventh grade, however, he listed ‘celebrity’.

The program also went on to examine Shindong’s younger years as a student.

Source: My Daily via Nate
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