[News]‘All that Love’ Leeteuk dances and sings to Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’. ‘True Idol’

Super Junior’s Leeteuk danced to ‘Sorry Sorry’.

On the episode of MBC ‘All that Love’ which aired on June 13th, Leeteuk appeared as Seungah’s (Yoon Seungah) surprise blind-date man.

This day, Ok Yeon (Jo Kwon) was worried about Seungah’s future, so he transformed the intorvert nerd into the perfect ‘cold city man’. So, Leeteuk took off his former ‘boring’ character.

When Seungah said pitifully that she was going to meet him again, Leeteuk yelled thankfully “Will you really? Thank you!”. Leeteuk that used to like that became a pompous ‘arrogant man’ who said “It’s overwhelming that even the family decided to help”.

Also, Leeteuk told Seungah, who was going to break up with him first, that, “I didn’t know I was this great. I’m going to audition to be an idol. You really didn’t like me saying sorry, right?”. So, instead of saying sorry, he sang and danced to Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ and with a cold shoulder left.

*edited to only Leeteuk parts

Source: bntnews
Translated by Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)