[NEWS] ZE:A filmed comeback MV for 46 hours

On June 25th, the members of ZE:A shared their unique way of sleeping by documenting their music video filming process over the course of 46 hours with a series of pictures.

On their me2day, they wrote, “We’ve been filming for our ‘Watch Out‘ music video for the past 36 hours!”

Representatives of Star Empire later added with more pictures, “The kids are all knocked out after filming the ‘Watch Out’ music video for 46 hours and 40 minutes! They’re all sleeping as is! This is a real situation! Waiting room! But as much as they’ve suffered for this, we believe that the music video will be that much greater.”

Netizens commented, “I think they wouldn’t even be in the right state of mind after being up for so long”, “So upsetting that they must stay up for 46 hours”, and “I want them to at least sleep properly, I hope the album does well!”

ZE:A will be making their return on July 8th with their title track, “Watch Out”!
Source + Photos: Star News via Naver