[NEWS] Yong Junhyung & Goo Hara's dating was forewarned on twitter?

[Kim Hyejin Intern Reporter] In the midst of the confirmation of dating between BEAST’s Yong Junhyung and KARA’s Goo Hara, Yong Junhyung’s past twitter post has attracted attention.

On April 29th, Yong Junhyung wrote the words, “I’m gaining strength from one call,” through his twitter. To this FT Island’s Lee Hongki commented, “Is it me? Is it me? I just called you too! It better be me.” Afterwards, Yong Junhyung replied after Hongki, “Of course it is Hong..Hongki,” and even added a hesitant laugh with “heoheoheo hahaha You already know who it is.”

In addition Lee Hongki wrote, “Yah I’m embarrassed!” and Yong Junhyung wrote back, “Of course Hongki’s phone calls are encouraging gives me a lot of strength, but before you called me…. I will just stop here.”

Then, BEAST fans curiously commented, “Didn’t Yong Junhyung get a girl friend?” however it had died down with time. But then on June 28th, the scandal with Goo Hara had occurred.

The fans commented, “Wasn’t Goo Hara the person Yong Junhyung talked too?” and “Does that mean Lee Hongki knew of their relationship before?” showing interest on the couple.