[News] Who will take first place? City Hunter vs Heartstrings vs Romance Town!

All the three land broadcasting company dramas have their eyes on the throne now that "The Greatest Love" is over. "The Greatest Love" was a big issue but other dramas behind it are also vigorous.

The follow up of "The Greatest Love" is MBC "Heartstrings" which is about the love and friendship of the characters who love music and arts. The cast includes Jeong Yong-hwa, Park Sin-hye and more with star producer Pyo Min-soo. It should also receive the after effects of "The Greatest Love" for a while which might increase the popularity quickly.

SBS "City Hunter" is also a very likely nominee for the throne. Its rate wasn't much different from that of"The Greatest Love". Lee Min-ho and Park Min-yeong play a big role in promoting the drama and the layout of the story is also winning it favors. It is very likely that "City Hunter" might take the place of"The Greatest Love".

"Romance Town" with Seong Yoo-ri is also eyeing for the increase in rate. Its firm cast and story layout shows potential for it to step over into the high level.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )