[News] U-kiss signs with AVEX and confirms for Japan activities this year

U-KISS has announced that they have signed on with Avex Japan to officially prepare for their Japanese advancement.

On June 5th, representatives of NH Media confirmed, “U-KISS signed a contract with one of Japan’s biggest agencies, Avex, for their advancement.”

The decision to run with Avex was made amidst many other offers from competing agencies. After signing with Avex, the boys settled on having the city of Osaka at the core of their promotion plans, and they’re now beginning to prepare for their official debut.

Representatives of Avex said, “We will be doing everything we can to support their Japanese promotions.”

Their advancement has been in talks since the end of last year, and representatives revealed that Japan will be just one of the many Asian promotions that they have planned for the group.

NH Media continued, “On August 24th, we will be releasing the Japanese licensed version of ‘Bran New Kiss‘ to begin gaining a footing in the market.”

In December, the boys will be releasing a major Japanese debut single, followed by their first nationwide tour next year.

U-Kiss will release a Japanese version of 0330/Bran New Kiss in late August (the article says around August 24th) This will be released after their Japanese promotions, which are going on right now for 3 months.
They will release a Japanese single in December with a full-fledged national tour.

Are you excited for U-kiss's Japanese advancements?

Credit: @xokissme94 @ Twitter & Star News
Trans: Sunny (@alwayssunny1 @ Twitter)