[News] TVXQ Choikang Changmin's Refreshing Summer In Hawaii

TVXQ member Choikang Changmin displayed a relaxed demeanor as a model for InStyle Magazine's 100th edition.

For the photoshoot, Choikang Changmin traveled to Hawaii's Oahu Island for a 4 day, 5 night shoot. During this time, Changmin had a really good rest to recharge his energy.

InStyle's editor Choi Han Na praised Changmin's charismatic personality: "It's hard to believe that Changmin's a Hallyu celebrity. He's actually really really easy to get along with."

Fans will be able to see a more natural side of Changmin in InStyle's July edition (100th edition) with a 10-page spread taken by photographer Oh Joong Suk, who also participated in the production of MBC's "Infinity Challenge."

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