[News] Staff debate to increase Hara's exposure on "City Hunter"

Goo Hara is currently receiving amount of interest from viewers since she was casted in SBS Drama "City Hunter"

Primarily, Hara's character (Choi Da Hye) is for special appearance only and not a permanent role. However, her bubbly character as a president's daughter received a lot of attention and a big impact to the drama's rating.

Goo Hara is receiving almost equal amount of attention as much as the lead characters have.

Therefore, staff are debating whether to extend Hara's appearances on the drama.
But according to KARA's management, they are preparing for new single in Japan at the end of June, so it will create conflict in her shooting schedules. Hara's extended appearance in the drama is not yet confirmed.It will still depend on Kara's Japan schedule.

Source: Nate

Brief translation by shaynekay@dkpopnews.net