[NEWS] SM Holds the writers & publishers conference in Paris

SNSD's Tiffany and Lee Soo Man

June 13, 2011

SM Holds the Writers & Publishers Conference in Paris, France on the 11th!

The Producer, Soo Man Lee Received a Standing Ovation on His Speech of CT Theory!

S.M.Entertainment held not only the ‘VISIT KOREA YEAR 2010-2012’ SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS, but also the conference aimed at European writers and publishers.

Approximately 50 famous European writers and publishers attended the conference held at the Marriott Rive Gauche hotel at 1:00 p.m (Paris time) on June 11th and showed their interests for SM and its music.

Especially, the producer Soo Man Lee gave a speech on the steps and future of Hallyu(Korean-wave) as well as the SM’s producing based on CT(Culture Technology) theory. He also introduced the overall system and features of the process of music production drawing European writers and publishers’ attention and received a standing ovation.

Also, a world-renowned producer, Teddy Riley who has produced albums of Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga said in his speech “I became interested in K-pop while I was working on music with SM. After I saw ‘SMTOWN LIVE in PARIS’ concert, I realized that K-pop which started with SM is a Movement. When I first made and used New Jack Swing, it wasn’t just a musical genre but it was a phenomenon or a Movement and I had a similar feeling through ‘SMTOWN LIVE in PARIS.’

In addition, the famous European publisher, Willy Morrision also stated his view on SM’s future by saying “I saw the SMTOWN LIVE concert for the first time yesterday and it was very impressive. The scene of the audience was like enthusiastic fans at the Beatles concert in Britain. SM will be the most powerful company in the world in 5~10 years. The SM’s driving force to grow this much is Philosophy. Because there has been CT, the foundation of philosophy that wants everything to be perfect, it’s different from European music and it could have grown this much.

Moreover, Tiffany from Girls’ Generation attended the conference and intrigued the attendee by introducing the training courses in SM and how she feels the change in global status as an Asian pop artist.

This conference was designed to let European writers and publishers know musical style which SM pursues and to build more active exchange and ties with them. Actually, they gained results by interacting good music and ideas through the conference.

Meanwhile, Universal Music Publishing Sweden representative, Pelle Lidell, the composer group from ‘Design Music’ who composed Girls’ Generation’s ‘Genie’, Alex Cantrall who composed f(x)’s ‘Pinocchio and other composers who involved in SM artists’ hit songs also attended. SM is planning to hold continuously a conference or a Song Writing camp in other countries like this event and build networks with foreign composers and publishers.

Wow! The Korean wave is really hitting globally! We should look forward to what K-Pop brings us! :D

Source: SM TOWN Facebook page