[News] SJ-M was awarded with turtle soup, fans' hearts ached because Ryeowook drank it reluctantly

Super Junior M (SJ-M) came to Taiwan and went to various variety programmes, becoming the guarantee for viewer ratings. The fans also followed their idols all throughout Taiwan, mightily tailing them in 20 taxis; they're not afraid of spending their money, but are scared that their idols are not respected. SJ-M went on a programme and drank turtle soup, causing the fans' hearts to ache.

Following the culture, tries to wrap dumplings

SJ-M filmed for CTS's 《Golden Stage》,and the winning group for the games would receive a pot of turtle soup as reward, which is said to be very nourishing. Sungmin was scared when he saw it and didn't dare to drink (the soup), and Ryeowook reluctantly tried it, but found out that it wasn't as scary as he thought. (However) the fans were worried that such "hospitality" would scare them (SJ-M) off.

The production team said that they had discussed with the SJ-M managers before the show, and allowed them to choose from pig brain soup, duck eggs, and turtle soup; the other party picked turtle soup. Zhou Mi was already used to it while in China, but the others have not seen it before so they were slightly afraid of it, but in the end the whole pot went down the stomach of their manager. Following the culture (in Taiwan) SJ-M would also be wrapping dumplings in conjunction with the Dragon Boat Festival, and Ryeowook and Sungmin were the ones who did it. The other members were gluttonous and rushed to eat them, even packing off the dumplings, pineapple cakes and other food.

Siwon's 《Athena》 to be aired on the 8th

SJ-M would be having their fan party in Taiwan next week, whereby the tickets for both sessions have all been sold out. There were a small number of fans who were not able to obtain the tickets, and were angry to the extent that they wanted to seek help from the congressmen. The organisers AVEX expressed that if there are people who wanted to refund the tickets they would be able to help them to resell (the tickets), but because SJ-M's schedules are very packed, there is no way for them to hold additional sessions.

Even though the fans wouldn't be able to see their idols in person, they can watch television programmes to quence their desire. The Korean drama "Athena" which Siwon was casted in as the main character would be aired on Star TV's primetime slot at 9pm on the 8th (of June), as the director had seen his performance in "The Battle of Wits" of which he had worked together with Andy Lau, and found that his martial arts skills were very believable. Siwon said that Andy Lau took care of him a lot, and even gave him (Siwon) a seal carved with Siwon's Korean name as a gift. He still treasures the gift even until now.

Source: China Times (via Yahoo Taiwan)
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET