[News] Secret's Transformation from Sexy to Cute

Girl group Secret recently appeared on YTN's 'Issue and People' and shared their thoughts on their transformation from sexy to cute.

Secret's image during their 'Magic' and 'Madonna' days can be described in one word as: Sexy.

But through 'Shy Boy' and 'Starlight, Moonlight', they've completely transformed their image to cute and innocent, melting the hearts of many older fans.

Secret's Hyosung expressed her thanks, “Girls groups these days debut with a innocent image and then transition to a sexier image later in their careers. We were worried because went from a powerful and sexy image to a cute and innocent one, but we are really thankful that it was well loved.”

Song Jieun admitted that she never would have guessed Secret could even have a cute image. “I realized while we were filming the 'Shy Boy' music video, 'Oh! I didn't know we had this in us. It suits us pretty well.'”

Then what kind of other secrets does Secret have?

First, when Secret was asked to pick a member most likely to get married first, Sunhwa was chosen unanimously.

The members explained that Sunhwa is very polite and has a lot of aegyo. She is especially good at cooking and taking care of the people around her, so the adults around her would want to have her as a daughter-in-law.

Sunhwa added that ever since she was little, people around her thought she would get married early. She joked that she wants to get married after she turns thirty, but has an uneasy feeling that she will get married before that.

When asked which member would be most likely to succeed even if they were part of a different group, the members chose Hyosung.

She is the leader of Secret, but because of her young face, the girls think she could fit in well as a maknae in another group. The members also revealed that Hyosung has qualities that every idol group needs in at least one member.

Secret picked Song Jieun as the member who seems like she has the most secrets, because she has many charms that people do not know about.

The members revealed that their nickname for Jieun is 'Childish Song'. She has a cute side, but a sharp side as well. She has a variety of charms that she'll reveal little by little.
Source: YTN
Translator: dunlop09@secretfour.com
Credits to: secret4subs