[News] SBS's Follow-up Report on Daesung's Recent Condition

On SBS’s “Beautiful Morning” aired on June 13th, a follow-up report on Big Bang member Daesung’s recent condition was broadcasted.

Daesung has cancelled all his activities since the traffic accident on May 31st. He was involved in a car crash which resulted in the death of a motorcyclist. There were news saying he has isolated himself from everyone since then, staying in his room and refusing to talk to anyone, even his parents. Thus fans have been worried about his recent condition.

SBS’s “Beautiful Morning” that broadcasted today had a follow-up report on Daesung. They visited Big Bang’s dormitory and had a short talk with the doorman. They asked the doorman whether he has seen Daesung lately, and the door man said, “I have, not often though, since he hasn't had any activites recently.” He added, “I saw Daesung sometimes, he looks pretty normal.”

Seems like Daesung is recovering and getting better, at least he does not lock himself in the room anymore. It was reported earlier that the autopsy result takes about 15 days, so it should be coming out any time soon.

Source + Pic : Newsen
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We hope to see you soon with Big Bang, Daesung! Stay strong! ^^