[News] Rainbow Worri's 1st impression about KIm Heechul?

Rainbow’s Go Woori revealed about Super Junior Kim Heechul’s real side.

On the 31st of May in the broadcast of SBS ’Strong Heart’, Go Woori participated and revealed about what happened when she became a fixed cast on Kim Heechul’s radio.

When Go Woori was asked on how Kim Heechul is as a DJ, she started off by saying “It was my first time on a radio broadcast and he asked me about my first impression on him, so I replied honestly”.

Go Woori first met Kim Heechul at a Music Program waiting room. At that time, Kim Heechul didn’t wash his hair and his hair was tangled. To this Go Woori said “It looked like he didn’t wash his hair”.

She even made Kim Heechul confused with these words “(Kim Heechul was) sad like an innocent person. So he didn’t even bother calling me”.

Source: Yahoo News
Translations: suniizerlove @ Prismatic7