[News] Preview of Happy Together with Leeteuk and Yesung

This week's guests:
[KBS radio's representative DJs]

His curtness is charming and he has a sensitive voice DJ Lee Hyunwoo!
Pretty and smart, full of charms DJ Lee Jiae!
Witty and skillful with words DJ Danny Ahn!
The longest lasting idol DJs Super Junior's Leeteuk and Yesung!

DJs who are full of personality. A feast of their hilarious stories!
Leeteuk learned about a guest's dating scandal while he was hosting his radio program!?
Leeteuk who heard a shocking secret from the radio guest!
Real names revealed! Who is the secret couple that Leeteuk revealed?

Full of personality, the variety idols Leeteuk and Yesung's revelations about each other!
Super Junior's Leeteuk and Yesung who are multi-talented!
Idols' hidden stories revealed by them!

Leeteuk who said Eunhyuk made fun of Leeteuk more than usual!
Leeteuk loses his temper and grabs Eunhyuk by the collar...
The next day, Eunhyuk didn't show up to the live broadcast of the radio program!?
What was the stunning excuse that Leeteuk who was panicking said to the PD?

Super Junior members have to pay careful attention to their clothes whenever they go to the airport because of fans who want to take pictures of them...
What is Leeteuk's special secret to how to have your pictures taken prettily?

Yesung who said that he once fell off the stage at a music program!
But rather than taking care of Yesung who fell, other Super Junior members were busy taking care of something else!?
What was the object that made everyone at the bath laugh out loud?

Yesung's special singing ability that can transform a fun dance song to a sad ballad.
Leeteuk's grand imitations that mesmerized everyone's ears~
Everything about the best variety idols Leeteuk and Yesung will be revealed!

Thursday night, you are more happy when you are with someone!!
Happy Together-3
With Lee Hyunwoo, Lee Jiae, Danny Ahn, Leeteuk, and Yesung
Be with us Thursday night June 9, 2011~

Source: KBS
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM