[News] Musical Actress Park Haemi Picks Junsu Among Musical Actors Originally Idols

Actress Park Haemi complimented the musical acting of Kim Junsu.

On the cable channel QTV’s “SuMiOk” that was aired on the 24th, Park Haemi appeared and shared a variety of stories of her family and her life of acting and such.

Park Haemi who has made clear of her unique niche even on the stage of the musicals answered “Kim Junsu” when the MC Kim Jongmin asked her: “There are many musical actors from the idol scene. Who is the actor that you think is good and has abilities?”

Continuing, she did not spare her advice, saying: “I think one needs to be an all-around entertainers nowadays and so I like it that those (idols) rise on the (musical) stage. However, they need to practice a lot. If they practice diligently and do their best they will be able to show 100% of their true worth.”

Kim Junsu of the group JYJ has shown a great potential as a musical actor through the musical “Mozart” and “Tears of Heaven.”

On the other hand, on this broadcast Park Haemi’s husband and son appeared together to show a warm family.

Source: MyDaily
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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