[NEWS] MTV 'Match Up', the show-down of 2 idol groups.. 'Variety sense too?'

MTV's idol attraction show-down reality program 'Match Up' will be premiering on 22 June at 11pm.

'Match Up' is a reality program that showcases the different styles and attractions of rookie idol groups B1A4 and Block B. The two teams that have been receiving a lot of attention recently will show off their musicality color and distinctive characters in this showoff.

Attracting attention for being produced by hiphop artiste Cho PD, Block B is known to be a talented idol group with skills in writing, composing and producing, with honest charms. On the other hand , B1A4 has been headlining as a group with not only a flower boy visual appearance, but also superb vocal, composing and writing skills. The combination of the two teams' different talents and charms will be revealed.

'Match Up' is estimated to have eight episodes, featuring the two idol groups at the set of their new music video shoot, practices for music program schedules, performances - appealing that they are not idol groups that succeed through their visuals.

Aside from their variety of musical skills, you will be able to see the charms and variety sense of these twelve boys through various missions and their daily lives.

Source: Osen News
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com