[News] "Miss. Ripley" Micky Yuchun, cold charisma behind the soft angel smile

Micky Yuchun showed soft charisma.

On the 3rd episode of MBC drama "Miss. Ripley", executive manager of the hotel Jang Myeong-hoon (Kim Seung-woo) and Song Yoo-hyeon (Micky Yuchun) meet for the first time.

Song Yoo-hyeon politely greets Jang Myeong-hoon, whom he meets to discuss business matters. To Jang Myeong-hoon who lays out the conditions of a take over in detail, Song Yoo-hyeon carefully opens his mouth with a smile.

He calmly reveals his thoughts, "I don't think it's desirable to change the members in a take over like this, so the employees staying back must be guaranteed. I also think the ambience should be maintained".

He continues, "I give all authority over human resources to Mr. Jang under one condition. Your human rights belong to Mondo Group" and reveals his tendency as a cold business man.

He also clarifies his thoughts in front of his mother Lee Hwa with a snap and even takes the fight out of her.

After the broadcast viewers say, "I thought he's always smiling and positive about everything but his charisma has been hidden", "I'm all over his twist charisma" and more.

Meanwhile, "Miss. Ripley" a drama about a woman who lies after lies and lies end up risking everything she has, raced to the first place as soon as it was broadcasted and viewers have been very favorable.

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