[News] JYJ Park Yoochun & TVXQ Shim Changmin Filming Beside Each Other

JYJ's Park Yoochun and TVXQ Shim Changmin filming on the same day at the same time in the same place with only a wall separating them - staff members extremely tense.

On June 22 at Park Yoochun was at Gyeonggi Ilsan's MBC Dream Center on the second floor filming for his drama 'Miss Ripley'. Starting from noon, they proceeded to continue filming outdoors at Gangnam.

Beside the indoor filming set of 'Miss Ripley' was the set for MBC 'Come To Play'. Coincidentally, the stars in the midst of filming for 'Come To Play' were the SM artists who had just come back from their SMTOWN concert in Paris. More specifically, TVXQ's Choikang Changmin attended the filming.

Fortunately, the two were unable to meet each other due to their busy schedules. Ever since the contract dispute starting in 2009, Park Yoochun hasn't met with any SM-related people in public. Therefore, the staff members of the filming sets were unable to contain their anxiousness.

Ever since Park Yoochun started his activities in JYJ, they have been unable to appear in variety programs. Before he received his part as male lead for 'Miss Ripley', JYJ did try to appear in 'Come To Play', but were left in a difficult position for unspecified reasons. In addition, 'Section TV Entertainment News', which usually covers all types of entertainment information, surprisingly did not promote 'Miss Ripley' on their program.

The production team of 'Miss Ripley' once revealed, "Even though we really want to appear on variety programs, our requests have always been interjected."

A representative of 'Miss Ripley' expressed, "It was originally planned for us to film outdoors in Gangnam, but because the filming was delayed, we had to continue filming in Ilsan even though it was time for the filming of 'Come To Play' to begin." Further explaining that, "Although Park Yoochun has a tense relationship with SM, he's fine with the others, so we don't mind it."

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