[NEWS] Infinite’s Woohyun garners attention for his ‘tears !

Popular seven-member group Infinite’s member Woohyun garners attention for his tear stain. 

Under the same company, Woohyun features in the music video ‘Blow Wind Blow’ which is the title song of Jisun’s mini album as he shows his tears through his acting and garners attention for his acting.

On the 2nd (today) was the 1 minute teaser released through video websites Mgoon and Youtube of Jisun’s title song ‘Blow Wind Blow’ for her single album as Jisun transforms into a goddess while Woohyun shows faint tears in his acting, leaving a deep impression and a hot response from netizens.

Also, the music video had already garnered attention with the news of one of Infinite’s members making a cameo and revealing Woohyun to be the male lead in the teaser video, the video hint an incredible amount in views as many have praised Woohyun’s tear streak as the “epitome of a man’s tears.”

He already left a word on his Twitter of pictures and a supportive message as it also showed the close relationship between him and his senior from the same company. Through this music video, Woohyun shows his subtle emotions and through his acting of showing tears, he gained the applause of the staff as he is becoming a dependable support figure for Jisun who is finally coming back after a long hiatus.

Nerizens who have crossed the video said, “Seeing the teaser makes my heart beat,” “I want to see the full version already,” “I’m really excited for the new song,” “It’s good to see the bond between a senior and their colleague,” and other responses. 

Meanwhile, the full music video that Woohyun poured his all for of Jisun’s new title song ‘Blow Wind Blow’ for her single album will be revealed on the upcoming 9th.

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