[News] Immortal Song2 Winner Yesung ''His explosive high notes moved audience's hearts''

Yesung is the second winner of 'Immortal Song2' episode 3.
'Immortal Song2' was broadcast on June 18, on KBS 2TV. The legendary rockband BOOHWAL's songs were the resurrection challenges for the idols to sing.
Before going on stage, Yesung said: "If I do well today, I can become the winner." And eventually, his suggestive predict turned into reality.
Yesung has become the champion of 'Immortal Song2' this week. His victory was even more meaningful as in the first episode he lost early in the tournament, which gave a boost to his self-esteem (to be determined to win).
Yesung sang 'The More I Love' giving out a sorrowful atmosphere. His distinctive deep voice gives the light to the song. His high notes were well delivered. Singing BOOHWAL's legendary song like how he does today, Yesung has made his own version with his powerful and excellent voice.
Kim Taewon (BOOHWAL's guitarist and leader) commented: "I have never seen anyone adding more high notes to perfect this song like him. I felt sorry because he made the song harder like this. But as I watched, Yesung really developed this performance a lot. I was so impressed with the ending." Another band member Seo Jaehyun also said: "He really gave a rock feeling through his singing".
Source: nate news
trans; LaCrymaMosa of @YesungCenter