[News] “Immortal Song 2” criticized for its harsh elimination standards

The first episode of KBS’s newest idol variety show, “Immortal Song 2,” aired on June 4th. However, many of the original idols that were cast such as Yesung, Jonghyun, IU and more recently, Yoseob, have already left the show. Additionally, the show’s elimination criteria have come under fire for being too harsh.

Recently, the elimination of the contestants has been reviewed to due its brutality. The format of the show is interesting enough already.

There are six contestants that participate on each episode. However, the first idol performs and their score is compared to the second contestant. The idol with the lowest score within the first two contestants is then eliminated.

Netizens who watched the first episode expressed that the elimination based on two choices is too harsh and that the idol singers are too young to be subjected to that kind of comparison and elimination from the episode. Additionally they pointed out, “Those contestants who perform at the end of the show have more to compare to and for that reason, they are better off.”

For the first episode of the show, the first two contestants where Jonghyun and Yesung, where Jonghyun came out victorious. However, the order continued with IU, Hyorin, Yoseob, and Changmin, where Hyorin came out victorious. Hyorin only had to beat two other idols, but for Jonghyun to win, he would have had to beat five other idols. Jonghyun had roughly a three percent chance in winning, while Changmin had an even 50% chance, as he only had to beat one other contestant.

It is known that Jonghyun cried after beating Yesung, and although the show stated that the reason he cried was because he felt bad for his label mate Yesung, netizens have speculated Jonghyun cried due to the pressure of the elimination and the chance of humiliation.

The show has already lost four of its original idol singers, Jonghyun, Yesung, IU, and Yoseob supposedly due to their packed schedules. The singers will be replaced as the episodes progress, but only Hyorin and Changmin remain from the original idols that were cast for the show.

Do you think that idols are leaving the show because of their schedules or because of the show’s elimination criteria?

Source: Osen News
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