[News] Hyun Joong finally met his look alike twins

Kim Hyunjoong has met the the 'twin Kim Hyunjoong'.

Boyfriends Youngmin and Kwangmin have been receiving a lot of attention from nuna fans recently as 'Kim Hyunjoong twins'. They appeared on a variety program together as Kim Hyunjoong couldn't hide his surprise from the resemblance.

Youngmin said to Sports Chosum "We got to record a show with Kim Hyunjoong. It was an honor when Kim Hyunjoong said, 'It's like I'm looking at my younger self'."

Boyfriend's Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo, Hyunseong, Jungmin and Donghyun have recieved a lot of attention for their many nicknames before debut such as 'twin Kim Hyunjoong'. They are in the middle of promoting their love confession song 'Boyfriend' after they releasing their single. Expecially their 'Aegyo Dance' has been popular as they hold both hands and shake their legs side to side.

Source: SportsChosun
Translator: jenn`♫ @B-NATION