[News] Happy Birthday, maknae Seohyun! All 9 are now adults!

SNSD’s maknae Seohyun received greetings and messages from fans on her 21st (Korean age) birthday which falls on June 28th. SNSD’s Naver fancafe, Cistus conveyed their messages to maknae by publishing an ad on a newspaper. Seohyun who was born in 1991, has now entered the adulthood and together with her Soshi sisters, all 9 girls are adults now.

Cistus’ manager said, “SNSD members are all adults now. In the future, even as the girls grow older, they will always remain as ‘So Nyeo’ to the fans”.

In conjunction with Seohyun’s birthday, Cistus gave a donation in Seohyun’s name to Children’s Foundation through Happy Bean. On June 18th, they had also carried out voluntary activities at a farm in Yeoju County, Gyeonggi Province.

Credit: newsprime.co.kr

Translated by www.fanwonder.com