[NEWS] FTIsland, The “Summer Messenger”

FTIsland begins summer tour on 28th
Releasing self-composed single next month 27th

FTisland is going to be the “Summer Messenger” in Japan.

The band concludes their promotional activities for “Hello Hello” and will depart for Japan on 28th. They will be meeting their fans over in Japan in the various cities namely, Nagoya – 29th June, Osaka - 2nd July, Tokyo – 6th July and Fukuoka – 8th July. On 29th July, they will also be standing on the Budoukan stage for their first time ever since their Japan debut. They are also the nation’s first band to perform at Budoukan.

FTIsland will be releasing a new single in Japan on 27th July, with songs composed by the members themselves. FTIsland is also the first Korean band to ramk 1st position on the Oricon weekly chart on the first week of the release of their first Japanese regular album.

On 26th, vocal Lee Hongki told the reporters at the waiting room that, “It’s very meaningful for us to hold this tour in Japan. There are lots of anticipation on our self-composed single as well as our Budoukan concert. We hope that our fans in Korea can support us as well.”

Credit: Sports Hankook + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)