[News] Donghyun in 'Conduct Zero' as 6 gang member,, , interesting past caught attention.

'Pet-dol' BOYFRIEND leader Donghyun who appeared on KBS 'Conduct Zero' in the past was revealed.

KBS 2TV 'Happy Sunday' of Choi Minsu and Kim Jedong's corner of 'Conduct Zero' is a program
for the youths of the Republic of Korea who try to reach their loose dreams.

BOYFRIEND leader Donghyun appeared in 'Conduct Zero' appeared as one of the 6 troublemakers.

In recent various online bulletin boards, there were topics called 'BOYFRIEND Donghyun's past', and people screen-captured Donghyun's past when he was in the
show and posted them.Netizens who saw the pictures, commented 'Really refereshing', 'Where is the end of looking like onion past of BOYFRIEND?','I am glad I used to a fan of Conduct Zero!'

Meanwhile, after the debut of BOYFRIEND, they have been No. 1 in Naver real-time portal search due to the hot reactions that they receive from their active broadcasting activities, which is still progressing.

Translated by: Zapsaple @ B-NATION
Edited by: vicsxkr @ B-NATION