[NEWS] Daesung (Accident-Related) Shows on “Infinity Challenge” as a surprise!

Group Big Bang’s Daesung was shown on screen, catching the eyes of the viewers.

MBC “Infinity Challenge” that aired June 11th was a singing contest in West Sea Highway. Park-Myungsoo, a member of Infinity Challenge, was paired up with G-Dragon. Daesung showed on the screen in a place where all Big Bang members were discussing the music concept.

All members of Big Bang, including Daesung, asked Park Myung-soo who was unable to rap to “spontaneously hmm” and had a joyful time.

Daesung was involved in an accident on May 31st in which his car hit a motorcyclist and a taxi and questioned by the police. Since he was cut out completely from another show that he regularly featured in, this appearance of Daesung bought happiness of many fans.

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NOTE: This was filmed while Big Bang was in Japan, before the accident happened.

Source: Hankyung via Naver

Translation: toptopia@tumblr

Credit : BigBangUpdates