[News] "City Hunter" Lee Min-ho and Park Min-yeong '3 step light bulb kiss'

Actor Lee Min-ho and actress Park Min-yeong gave hint of a 3-step light bulb kiss.

SBS TV "City Hunter" on the 22nd will show housemates Lee Yoon-seong (Lee Min-ho) and Kim Na-na (Park Min-yeong) kissing under a light bulb.

Taken place on a rooftop of an apartment building, the two pulled off a 3-step kiss scene without any NG's.

Lips together, the way they share a kiss as if electrocuted by the light bulb is actually like a photo collection.

Not only that, as much as they couldn't succeed in their sofa kiss, this kiss scene is causing viewers to look forward to it more than ever.

The productions say, "As "City Hunter" gets more active, Na-na's existence will only get bigger to Yoon-seong".

Meanwhile "City Hunter" is on every Wednesday and Thursday nights at 9:55 PM.

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