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You've been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years now so a lot of thoughts must’ve come to your mind when you come across such portrayal of that.
I think people think only of themselves too much. Once someone starts getting attacked, others do as well even without ill-will. But it gradually gets worse. So I’m hoping that people think about this at least once and look back on themselves. Things such as, ‘Why do I hate that person in particular? Why am I attacking?’ For now, I don’t think they really have a reason. They said, ‘Just,’ didn’t they? It’s disappointing.

Well that issue is handled in the drama but when it comes to ill comments on the Internet, I think the media is not entirely free from the responsibility of writing about them and rumors.
I once talked about (Choi) Seung-hyun in an interview while working on film "71 Into the Fire." And the reporter asked me what I thought of his acting. He's young and doesn't have any acting experience so of course he wouldn't be good. But he's not someone who regards acting as an easy job. He puts in a lot of effort into acting which he in his own way, finds value in, so I think he should be respected for that. So I said he doesn’t act like he’s somebody because he’s an idol star and Seung-hyun really worked hard for three months, living his life as his character, but the reporter just wrote, ‘Choi Seung-hyun is bad at acting.’ I think there are reporters who should reflect on themselves and that everybody should think about this problem.

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