[NEWS] Brave Brothers royalties income 10 billion, more than G-Dragon?

The comparison of royalty income (music copyright fee) between producer Brave Brothers and Big Bang’s G-Dragon has garnered attention.

Brave Brothers (real name Kang Dong Chul) appeared on the episode of “Beatles Code” that aired on Mnet on June 23rd and said that after producing hits like Lexy’s “Above the Sky”, Son Dambi’s “Crazy” and Brown Eyed Girl’s “How”, he earned 10 billion in royalties.

On the other hand, Big Bang’s Seungri also attracted attention for uncovering G-Dragon’s royalties last month, on the same program.

Seungri explained, “G-Dragon receives a lot of income from royalties, more than composer Cho Young Soo. G-Dragon is currently considered #1 in the Copyright Association. G-Dragon has registered about 120 songs under his name. Songs for his solo album, for Big Bang, Taeyang, 2NE1, and Uhm Jung Hwa.” with that it was presumed his revenue would be higher than Brave Brothers.

Seungri didn’t give a money amount though so it’s hard to compare and Brave Brothers is a producer on a bigger scale, he produces for tons of idol groups and he even owns an idol girl group. Regardless i think both are very rich producers and I also personally prefer GD’s music :3

Source: ntn.seoul
Translated: Sammi@ibigbang