[News] BEG Narsha reveals her experimental “bomb-hit” hairstyle, attracting much attention

On June 26, Narsha, one of the members of Brown Eyed Girls, tweeted a link to her photo with the comment: “I’m worried about you caught in a rain all day today. I cannot help but thank you enough for what you’ve done for me today. When you arrive home, please report to me that you get there safe and sound!”

In the photo, wearing her distinctive “bomb-hit” hairstyle, she is pointing at her middle of the forehead with her finger. With a naïve, playful expression, she is staring at the camera, bringing out a carefree laughter.

Earlier, she released a photo taken for the cover of the July issue of Maxim, a monthly men’s magazine, proving herself to be a grown-up, sexy ‘idol’ singer. Dressed in a white jacket with a plunging neckline and an extremely short pair of pants, she displayed her irresistible magnetic appeals.

Fans who saw the photos said: “I can’t fathom out the depth of your charms. You look gorgeous even in the “bomb-hit” hairstype.” “As time goes by, you look younger and younger. What’s your secret? You’re so cute.” “We’re desperately looking forward listening to your new album.”

Brown Eyed Girls will return with their new album next month.

Source: TVreport
Translated by: Geum Jae / Korea.com