[NEWS] BEAST’s Yong Junhyung, Eluphant’s voluntary promotion…they express their affection

Eluphant and BEAST member Yong Junhyung’s friendship is becoming a topic.

After Eluphant released his digital single ‘She Is Not Following you,’ Yong Junhyung tweeted “I just came home after listening to Eluphant’s new single. For people who use twitter, the contents may seem familiar, but it’s above and beyond.” By doing so, he increased anticipation and expectations and promoted the song.

Yong Junhyung, whom we recently met, spoke of their unique bond. “Before debuting, starting from age 20, I was on good terms with Eluphant’s Kebee hyung. BEAST’s current choreography was made possible through him. At that time, I was conned by entertainment company problems and other issues, but Kebee hyung gave me lots of strength and stood by me. He advised me that reading a lot of books is advantageous for writing raps, and even recommended me some poems. It gives me thoughts that he is an elite rapper with great sensibility.”

“After hearing the songs that the hyungs played for me, I immediately uploaded tweets about it on my account. The track was really good. Because we were busy, we weren’t able to see each other often, but even now, we monitor each other and share opinions. To me, he is a hyung that I am always grateful for.” With this, he expressed his affection.