[News] Another Praise From Perez Hilton For 2ne1!

Just recently, 2ne1 released "I AM THE BEST", and as expected, the girls made an all kill comeback for this song. Fans were excited and were anticipating so much from the girls and the usual 2ne1 made it beyond the fans expectations.

Well, one of them is the well known celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. This is not the first time Perez praise the girls from their fierce songs, costume and music videos . Perez posted 2ne1's Clap Your Hands, It Hurts, Lonely, Don't Stop The Music, Lollipop, I Don't Care and Try To Follow Me on his blog before. I guess every music video that 2ne1 release is being praised by Perez Hilton so it's not a surprise that he also made a praising comment for the girl's "I AM THE BEST" MV. He even asked why can't America have girls like 2ne1.

Perez said:

Soooo good!!!Check out the fierce deluxe Korean girl group's just-released music video for I Am The Best (above)!

Sashay! Shante!!!

Why can't we have girl groups this hot in America???

I think Perez is a Blackjack (^_^) and for his question, I want to say, "Perez, don't worry 2ne1 is already planning to debut in America".

Wanna watch the video again?

Written by:sukira@dkpopnews.net