[News] Amemiya sang praise to 9 goddesses

The ‘SNSD Praise Song’ which was revealed on Japanese TV program ‘Hey Hey Hey’ on the 6th of June also became a hot discussion topic among Korean fans. Besides praising SNSD using the line “Sonyuhs created an era (Shi Dae) in Japan”, the lyrics also covered SNSD members’ detailed personal interests and characteristics.

This SNSD special Heyx3 episode covered a chatting session with SNSD, as well as videos on Kpop fever etc. Japanese comedian, Amemiya also performed the ‘SNSD Praise Song’, accompanied by guitar and harmonica.

While the song was played, SNSD members’ reactions were captured on the screen. It was actually a touching song yet presented in a comical way, which made the members laugh.

The song started with “Been through hardships as trainees, shed tears and thought of giving up in sorrowful nights. Even like this, the 9 SoNyuhs encouraged one another at the Incheon Beach, and created their era in Japan.”

As the song continued with “Suffering as they maintain their body shapes, everyday having 800 calories, and main course being broccoli”, SNSD members shook their heads as in disagreement.

The song went on, “The SoNyuhs who have strong characters became Korea and Japan’s fashion leaders”, followed by description of each member’s characteristics like “Jessica who falls asleep anytime and anywhere”, “YoonA who has bad sleeping habits”, “Sunny who baths fast” and “Seohyun who likes sweet potato” etc.

The lyrics were presented with Korean translations. Korean netizens who watched the broadcast commented, “The singer was really a well-prepared and careful person”, “He seemed to know SNSD much more than their fans”, “Looking at SNSD’s satisfied expressions made it funnier” etc.

Credit: mt.co.kr
Translated by: imwhywhy@fanwonder.com