[News] ''All My Love'' Park Chorong, Why is Park Mi Sun Jealous of Chorong's Skin?

What is the secret of Chorong's great skin?

On June 10th, Mi Sun and Hye Ok went to a hospital to be part of free 1+1 botox event. At that day, Mi Sun was shocked by grandma's words because grandma's friend thought that Mi Sun was in same age group as them. Thats why, Mi Sun and Hye Ok planned to get a botox during the free event. 

At that moment, beautiful food worker Chorong came by and said hello to Mi Sun and Mi Sun said, "You really have a great skin. Why is that?" and was fascinated by it. So, Chorong said it with smile, "You should cartwheel too. If you cartwheel, you will have a great skin."

As always, Chorong exited out with a cartwheel and with Mi Sun seeing that, determined to get a botox.

Credit: cazsdancebuddy@a-pink.net
Source: Bntnews