[News] Ahn Nae Sang Coaches Kim Jaejoong In Acting After Park Yoochun

It seems like actor Ahn Nae Sang has much affinity with JYJ.

According to one of the staff working on the SBS drama serial “Protect the Boss”, Ahn Nae Sang gave Kim Jaejoong some coaching on acting recently. The staff expressed, “ Although Kim Jaejoong has some acting experience from acting in tele-movies and Japanese dramas, it is his first time acting in a long local drama series, hence he still needs some help on acting. Recently, he has become much more confident after some coaching from Ahn Nae Sang.”

Ahn Nae Sang acted as Professor Jung Yak Yong in last year’s history drama series “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, and had a student-teacher relationship with Park Yoochun’s character Lee Seon Joon, becoming his mentor both in the drama and in reality.

Was this a set up by Park Yoochun? Someone closed to Ahn Nae Sang mentioned, “That has got nothing to do with Park Yoochun. The director of ‘First Wives’ Club’ Son Jung Hyun, is also the director of ‘Protect the Boss’, and had invited Ahn Nae Sang to act in the drama, but because of his prior agreement to act in MBC’s ‘High Kick 3’, he had to turn down the offer due to his busy schedule. Hence, Director Son requested, ‘Please coach Kim Jaejoong’s acting’, and that was how this happened.”

Ahn Nae Sang became much popular due to “First Wives’ Club”, thus readily accepted Son Jung Hyun’s request.

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