[NEWS] 2PM Junho explosively commented "If I get a girlfriend I want to shower with her"

2PM member Junho explosively commented that he would like to shower together if he gets a girlfriend.

On the 'Good day - Entertainment Plus' broadcast on June 13, they found the original beastly idols 2PM in the middle of their beverage CF filming set.

On this day, Nichkhun was asked what his method was to create his body, and he said with a shy smile, "Just work hard and go to the gym and exercise". After hearing this, Taecyeon said, "Originally, no matter how much Nichkhun eats, he won't get fat and still looks weak, so he ate a lot and exercised instead".

When the 2PM members were asked what type of CF they would like to shoot, Nichkhun confessed he would like to shoot a banana milk CF. But Taecyeon said, "I want to shoot the beverage CF we are shooting now for 100 years," being aware of the advertiser, and warning Nichkhun as well. [T/N: In the actual video, it is JUNHO who says he wants to film a banana milk CF. Nichkhun wanted to shoot a car CF.]

Additionally, the members were asked what they would want to do with their girlfriend, Junsu said "Go to Switzerland and drink the beverage advertised in our CF," also being aware of their advertiser and causing great laughter.

Junho explosively commented, "If I have a girlfriend, I would want to shower together," shocking the members as well. Additionally, the other members said "Junsu, it isn't working out well for you today," and Junsu stopped his mouth. [T/N: In the actual video, it is JUNHO saying to himself "It's not working out well for me today."]

Reporter: Kim Chaehyun
Credit: Newsen
Article: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201106131035181001
Translated by khy127@wild2day.org